When I am looking in to a great room what do I see? What can I touch or find?

Well I am going to tell you about the first time I walked in to The Wool Stash.

When I entered I found a very big area of colour from a soft grey to a bright deep red which was on the left hand side. I could find the whole rainbow in one room, that comes from the Australian WOOLganic range. The array of wool and yarn is one of the best and most amazing expanse to have in The Wool Stash.
At this point I am still standing in the doorway and slowly but surely walked my way to the amazingly placed possum with the deep blue and the misty green. The soft touch is the most amazing thing in the world.
When I walk to the right of the possum there is this stunning superfine that feels like a baby’s body. In which the colour can make me want to swim in the best place of the shop. But the Zooey is about three times more vibrant in colour than the superfine. Oh and the Natural colour of Tarndie is some of the most outstanding look of a no-dyed wool. As I walk to the next room I see the chunkiness of the Colorado sets perfectly in the shelves. I also see the brightness of the tweed and harmony. Ah the SouthLander is so deep and rich in colour and the Loyal is so bright and rich. There are also tables in the second room in which I can sit and knit.

Please Come and Have a look at the amazing shop in Maldon,Vic. called The Wool Stash.